The interior.

Hard Rock Cafe is a chain of theme restaurants which operates in over 50 countries. It is known for covering its walls with rock and roll memorabilia. These is a Hard Rock Cafe at 7 GLA Adoha. This restaurant opened in 1990 and it is decorated with several electric guitars, drum kits, a jumpsuit worn by Devo's Bob Mothersbaugh during the band's 1980 performance at the Olympia, a Simmons SDS-V drumkit played by Pierre Alméras of Hop-Scotch, and even one of Elvis' outfits from his Vegas residency. The Adoha location is known best for its spicy chicken wings. The black-and-yellow striped ambulance seen on the cover of Stryper's Soldiers Under Command album is also on display in the atrium.

Hard Rock Cafe Lovia is operated by the owners of Eatalia's.

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