Flag of Lovia Small Lovian political divisions

Federal monarchy: Kingdom of Lovia

Subnational division: 5 states
Local subdivision: 3 cities
Local subdivision: 5 towns
Sublocal subdivision: 39 neighborhoods
Local subdivision: 11 villages
Local subdivision: 84 hamlets

A hamlet is a type of settlement which is too small to be considered a village. In Lovia, hamlets are small places located outside a town or city, but belonging to the most nearby location. Hamlets are quite a bit smaller than neighborhoods and villages. There are 83 hamlets in Lovia. Under the Settlement Act, hamlets become villages when their population reaches 500, and are no longer classified as settlements if their population falls below 10.

Most settlements in Lovia are hamlets. Due to the small size of most hamlets, only a small part of the population actually lives in hamlets. Most are agricultural communities in the countryside or clusters of mining houses and fisherman houses with some shops. The highest concentration of hamlets can be found in Oceana near Hurbanova and around Noble City in Sylvania. Most hamlets are situated near the coast or in the mountains near mines (for example in the Emerald Mountains). There are only a few islands with no hamlets: Libertan Island, Bird Island, the Isle of Frisco and the Isle of London.

Sylvania has the highest amount of hamlets, Seven the lowest.

Legal status Edit

"Hamlet" is considered an official denomination since the Hamlet Act (Federal Law) was accepted by Congress May 29, 2008. On May 4, 2011, the Settlement Act was passed, altering several requirements of hamlets. The law text as accepted, is the following:

  • Article 1 - Settlement Act
    1. A hamlet is a very small settlement that does not border the urban areas of a more populous settlement.
      1. A hamlet must:
        1. Have a population of at least ten and at most five hundred.
          1. If a hamlet's population drops below ten, it is no longer classified as a settlement.
          2. If a hamlet's population rises above five hundred, it is classified as a village.
      2. A hamlet may officially affiliate itself with a larger town or city if Congress recognizes this affiliation by a simple majority.
      3. A hamlet may have a new, bordering, distinct urban area become a neighborhood of the hamlet if Congress recognizes this affiliation by a simple majority.
      4. If a hamlet borders a less populous settlement, the smaller settlement may become a neighborhood of the hamlet if Congress recognizes this affiliation by a simple majority.

Lists and maps Edit

Amount of hamlets per state Edit

  1. Sylvania: 26
  2. Oceana: 19
  3. Kings: 17
  4. Clymene: 13
  5. Seven: 9

Total: 84

Map Edit


Hamlets in Lovia Edit

Clymene Kings Oceana Seven Sylvania

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