HOPSCOTCH2016 is the nineteenth studio album by Lovian post-punk band Hop-Scotch, released by Lovilago Music in the Wikinations and on Frontiers Records everywhere else.

This album was recorded at Studio HS in the Ferguson Beach Village neighborhood of Adoha and at Internal Studios in Noble City.

It has been called the band's 'most surreal work ever', featuring primarily staccato drumming and fast guitar work, 'a return to our roots in post-punk' according to the Inzaghi brothers.

Track listEdit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Milk and Salad"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 1:26
2. "Kazoo Rock"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 2:01
3. "Circles" (Soul Coughing cover)Mike Doughty 3:07
4. "Carry On Wayward Son" (Kansas cover)Kerry Livgren 5:16
5. "Rhythm Stew"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 2:00
6. "Harmony is Sexy"  Jackson Doe 1:19
7. "Unnecessary Hammer"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe, Ann Hsü, James Farmer 3:45
8. "Unions"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 1:23
9. "Milk Rockers"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 1:16
10. "Furry Love"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 1:11
11. "Scratch Me Down There, Doctor!"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe, Ann Hsü, James Farmer 2:56
12. "Life Boat of Love"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 3:58
13. "Black Power" (Col. Sharecropper cover)"Who Cares" 2:25
14. "Banana"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 2:23
15. "Red, White, and Neon-Mustard Purple"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 2:06
16. "Yo-Yo"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 1:37
17. "Black Magic" (Jericho Jones cover)J. D. "Jay" Miller, Clifford Trahan 3:00
18. "Kazooman"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 0:45
19. "Kalamazoo"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 1:15
20. "END OF ALBUM"  Massimiliano Di Traglia, Jackson Doe 1:09
Total length:



Other personnelEdit

  • Jake Tan - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Ann Hsü - synthesizer, Xylosynth, combo organ, Hammond organ
  • James Farmer - electric guitar, electric kazoo, MIDI guitar, tenor recorder, great bass recorder, bass recorder, GarageBand on Intel-based iMac, GarageBand on iPad Mini 4, Anvil Studio on Panasonic Toughbook, electric double bass
  • Alexander Glenn Noble - electro-acoustic guitar, acoustic resonator guitar, electric resonator guitar, shaky tube, small bells, plastic hammer, soprano recorder
  • Rebecca Cohen - xylophone, Xylosynth, combo organ, mobile combo organ, Moog Taurus III, Hitachi Magic Wand, shaky tube, plastic hammer, backing vocals