Gwok Youth

Gwok Youth in Noble City in the summer of 2013.

Gwok Youth (a word play on the Sofasi Bredish slang word 国语 Gwok Ju, "Chinese") is a freak folk/indie pop duo from Nóngyè, Clymene. The band is signed to Warped Records and is very popular among the Chinese minority living in Clymene.

Gwok Youth consists of Jake Tan and Ann Hsü, a couple from Nóngyè. They have worked together with Rain King, The Diamond Sea, 4x4 and 3Lan006.

Gwok Youth releases tongue-in-cheek, psych influenced freak folk and noisy indie pop compositions. The weird, quirky music is mainly written by Jake Tan and sung by Ann Hsü. Tan plays keyboard and uses a mixer, sampler and laptop on change, while Hsü plays guitar.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

  • Psych Innuendo (2009)
  • Gwok Youth (self-titled album, 2011)
  • Stars and Stripes of Corruption (2012)
  • Crash Your Dream Car in an Acid Fence (2013)
  • Koh/Kho/Khoh/Khor/Khaw/Hee (2013)

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