Guide Hôtelier Cinq Etoiles

The Five Star Hotel Guide

Language Flag of Lovia Small English
Publisher Alphabet Publishers
Publication date 2010 edition
Editions fourth
Genre Lodging Guidebook
Media type Book
Preceded by Guide Cinq Etoiles

The Guide Hôtelier Cinq Etoiles is a guidebook to Lovian hotels and lodging. It rates them on a scale of 1-5. It is the companion to the Guide Cinq Etoiles of fine dining.

The Guide Edit

The guide was created in 2007 as a companion to the popular Guide Cinq Etoiles. Hotel-business experts visit Lovian hotels and review them, giving a rating on 1-5 based on quality, service and comfort. The requirements for the hotel guide are less strict than for the Restaurant guide. They also award a Prix de Bon Valeur and Grand Prix du Mérite for the best value hotel and best hotel overall. Two are given out each year. Only 8 hotels have won the "prix".

Prix de Bon Valeur Edit

2007-Oceana Hotel

2008-Woodstock Inn

2009-The Landmark Hotel (Hurbanova)

2010-Hotel Freedom

2011-The Landmark Hotel (Hurbanova)

Grand Prix du Mérite Edit

2007-Ludwig Krämer Hotel

2008-Adoha Resort

2009-Hotel King Arthur

2010-Olympia Hotel and Theater

2011-Ludwig Krämer Hotel

Ratings Edit

1 Star Edit

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2 Stars Edit

  • Hotel Clymene: The hotel was good, but lacked many comforts usually seen in a resort, and it is way too touristy.
  • Old Oceana Hotel: It is very quaint and charming, but the building is too old and neglected.
  • The Landmark Hotel (Airport Landmark): The hotel is too noisy and not well maintained. Overall, a very small and overpriced hotel.

3 Stars Edit

  • Hotel Freedom: The hotel was cozy and charming, and the breakfasts were delicious.
  • King Dimitri Hotel: The hotel was good, the building was nicely designed. But, it was overhyped and overpriced.
  • Woodstock Inn: Has a simple, yet charming feel and great value-for-money.
  • La Mouzaïa Hotel and Spa: The amenities are great, the food is not so great. Overall, it's not worth it.
  • White Sands Casino Resort: Quite possibly Lovia's most tourist-oriented hotel. The rooms are overpriced, but service here is really excellent.
  • Palace Grand: Good service, but way too tourist oriented and expensive ($250 per night is not worth it).

4 Stars Edit

  • Oceana Hotel: The overall quality of the Hotel was great and the food was really good.
  • The Landmark Hotel (Hurbanova): The service was great, the place was very charming and typical, and was not tourist-oriented.
  • Seven Resort: It has excellent amenities and good attention towards the guests.
  • Koningstad Hotel: The quality and elegance is very fine in keeping with the hotel's value.
  • B&B Oxelinx Park: Attention to its guests is unrivaled within its class. Very nice place, charming and well kept. The breakfast may not be 5-star, but it is natural and home-made.
  • Atlantis Resort: This hotel is very good for families, as it offers services for both adults and children. As Lovia's largest resort, it is surprisingly very personal when it vomes to service.

5 Stars Edit

  • Hotel King Arthur: Guide Hôtelier Cinq Etoiles gives this hotel 5 stars: for maximum comfort and excellent customer service.
  • Ludwig Krämer Hotel: Guide Hôtelier Cinq Etoiles gives this hotel 5 stars: For excellent food and attention to detail.
  • Adoha Resort: Guide Hôtelier Cinq Etoiles gives this hotel 5 stars: for excellence in attention and comfort of the guests. Quite possibly Lovia's best resort.
  • Olympia Hotel and Theater: Guide Hôtelier Cinq Etoiles gives this hotel 5 stars for unrivaled excellence, quality and attention to all customers' whims. Truly merits its 5 stars.
  • Crescent City Hotel: Guide Hôtelier Cinq Etoiles gives this hotel 5 stars: for elegance, innovation and reasonable prices. Though in a touristy area, this hotel is quite the opposite.

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