Grand Bowl
First played 1982
Trophy Jack Ward Trophy
Next stadium Newhaven Stadium
Upcoming match Grand Bowl tbd
Upcoming match date tbd
Website grandbowl.lo
The Grand Bowl is the annual championship game of the Lovian Macochet League (LML), the highest level of professional macochet in Lovia, culminating a season that begins in March of the same calendar year. The Grand Bowl normally uses Roman numerals to identify each game, rather than the year in which it is held. For example, Grand Bowl I was played on tbd, following the tbd regular season. An exception to this rule is games that end with a 0, for example Grand Bowl 10.

The game was created along with the foundation of the Lovian Macochet League, based on similar games like the Super Bowl in American football. Prior to the foundation of the Lovian Macochet League, the top 2 clubs in the five state-wide regional competitions were entered into an elimination process, randomly selected via picking names from a hat.

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