Grand Bayside Bowl
Grand Bayside Bowl
Location Seal of Bayside Bayside, Seal of Noble City Noble City,
Seal of Sylvania Sylvania
Built 2006 - 2008
Opened June 8 2008
Owner private
Surface grass, tartan, etc.
Construction cost $79.85 million
Bay Hawks Bay Hawks

The Grand Bayside Bowl is a major Lovian sports facility and stadium in Bayside, Noble City. It is opened to the public and offers a wide range of sports. The central field is only for organized events and official games. An exception stands for motorsporting (such as monster truck events). The stadium is home to the Noble City sports club the Bay Hawks. As the GBB is the stadium with the largest capacity in the entire nation, many official games and competitions are houses here. The Bowl serves as one of the six Lovian venues for the LSCA Major Soccer League.

A Hot Dog House stand is located in the stadium and there is a small tavern run by Edward Carew. There is also a McDonald's in the end zone alongside a Hershey's Ice Cream stand in the other side of the end zone.

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