Good Morning Japan is Popscene's third studio album, released 14 January 2001. It is a concept album about relationships, according to Richard Tolman. The album saw electronic influences enter Popscene's work, particularly with the 'remix disc' on the Special Edition.

The lead single was the song 'Usenet Love', which reached #18 on the EastWest Top 25. 'Affection' was also released as a single, but did not chart.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Levitate"   3:24
2. "Difficulty Pier"   6:07
3. "No Mixing"   4:15
4. "Found Myself At Home"   4:24
5. "Affection"   3:58
6. "I Will Already Have"   2:29
7. "The Blood"   5:33
8. "Townhouse Prey"   4:10
9. "Silver Chains"   3:29
10. "Good Morning Japan"   3:57
11. "The Ferry"   0:42
12. "Usenet Love"   5:01
Total length:

Bonus remix disc on Special EditionEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Affection (remix)"   6:02
2. "Silver Chains (remix)"   5:47
3. "Usenet Love (remix)"   7:10
4. "The Blood (remix)"   7:03
Total length:

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