Good Company is Popscene's second album, released 11 July 1997. The album features more technical songs than their previous efforts, most notably the nine-minute instrumental 'In The Stage'.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Good Company"   5:42
2. "It Was Never Known"   4:47
3. "In The Stage"   9:05
4. "Dusk Ltd."   4:10
5. "Between A Lie"   6:36
6. "Heaven-Like Hell"   3:50
7. "Another Somewhere"   4:11
8. "60"   1:00
9. "Out The Back"   3:58
Total length:

Some versions of the album have a misprint, in which the songs '60' and 'Dusk Ltd.' are swapped on the track listing.

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