GoldenDisc is a Lovian chain of CD-DVD stores (primarily CDs). They are known for being the only such Lovia-based store (apart from some stores owned directly by Warped Records). They are highly popular with Lovians, and sell the albums of many Lovian artists as well as international artists. The Sheraldin family owns part of the chain.

Leonard Sheraldin is the director of the company, with Levi Straszev and Damon Sheraldin also having major positions. Nicholas Sheraldin and Vanessa Sheraldin also do work for the company.

The company's headquarters are at 1 Sebastian Street, Old Harbor, Noble City, Sylvania, close to the headquarters of Sheraldin Architects.

GoldenDisc has stores all across Lovia. Three of its stores consist of multiple locales: the Atrium Center store is split into a modern/Lovian section, classical section and DVD/video section; the Noble City Mall store is split into modern/DVD and classical/Lovian sections, and the Newhaven Shopping Center store is split into a CD and DVD section.

The location of GoldenDisc's stores:

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