Go Forth!

Album by Hop-Scotch

Type studio album
Released 1980
Recorded December 1979 - March 1980 at Abby Springs Studios, Newhaven
Genre post-punk, new wave, no wave, synthpop
Label Lovilago Music / A&M Records
Producer James Lilland

Go Forth! is the first studio album, and fourth release overall, by the Lovian post-punk band Hop-Scotch. Recorded from 1979 to 1980 in Abby Springs Studios, a secluded recording studio in the back of the Abby Springs Lanes bowling alley in Newhaven, this album was very successful. It was produced by Sofia Lilland's son James, and she and her family financed the album.

All the songs were written by Jackson Doe and Massimiliano Di Traglia, except for When I Die, which was written solely by Jackson.

No singles were issued from the album. This choice was described by Massimiliano as 'something to separate us from actual punk, which takes stock in its singles only'. Many older fans consider Go Forth! to be their best work.

Track listingEdit

Lovian edition, 1980Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Go Forth!"   3:22
2. "I Believe"   2:50
3. "Deciduous"   2:14
4. "Close The Door Behind You"   2:28
5. "Not Heaven"   3:16
6. "Dangerous Thoughts"   2:07
7. "When I Die"   1:52
8. "Mixtronic"   2:19
9. "Calculated"   1:54
10. "Too Short"   3:41
11. "Flying On Wires"   2:52
12. "Just Why"   2:08
13. "I've Had Enough"   3:06
Total length:

US editionEdit

The same, except that two songs have been changed in length, 'Not Heaven' and 'Just Why', which feature live performances instead.

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