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Name Glesga
Population 205[1]
Language(s) Lovian English, Bredish, Scottish Gaelic
Next to Abington, Xiandu, Nóngyè
Glesga sign

Glesga is a Lovian hamlet in the state of Clymene. Glesga is located on Asian Island, near Abington, Xiandu and Nóngyè. The hamlet was founded in 1901 by Scottish entrepeneurs Angus Cameron and Burk Campbell. Most inhabitants are of Scottish origin.

Geography Edit

Glesga is located in the heartland of central Asian Island in the state of Clymene. It is surrounded by mountains and is quite isolated. The hamlet is close to the hamlets of Xiandu and Nóngyè. Glesga is connected to Abington by road.

Demography Edit

Glesga has 205 inhabitants, with about half with Scottish origin, about a quarter with Chinese and another ten percent both English and American.

The most spoken language is Lovian English, but there is a strong Bredish community as well. A small minority speak Scottish Gaelic at home.

Facilities Edit

There are two churches in Glesga, a calvinist protestant church and an anglican church. There is a very small primary school and a supermarket. There is an arts and crafts shop at the north side of the hamlet.

A couple of forestry businesses are based in and around Glesga. There are quite a few sawmills and timber warehouses in Glesga. The common green in the center of the village is surrounded by the community house and the offices of the Glesga Timber Company. Timber is transported by road to Timber Harbor and Sofasi.

Glesga is quite touristic, having mountains and a stunning geography around. There are four bed-and-breakfasts and one hotel in the hamlet. Glesga prides itself on being "the Center of Clymene".

References and notes Edit

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