Gianluca Cesarini (born 18th August 1984 in Dogana, San Marino) is a Sanmarinese footballer who plays for Azzuri FC in Lovia, as a goalkeeper. Cesarini was first signed in 2003 by A.C. Juvenes/Dogana, though he did not make many appearances for that club until 2006. In 2008, he transferred to S.P. Tre Penne, and in 2009 he was bought by Azzuri FC.

Cesarini is the first (primary) goalkeeper of the team, playing in roughly three-quarters of Azzuri FC's matches in the LSCA First Division 2013.

Since 2007, he has had a handful of caps with the San Marino national football team.

Cesarini does not have a permanent residence in Lovia, but he usually stays at a temporary residence in the Notioli Building during playing seasons.

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