George Wrexley Identity
George Wrexley
Name George Wrexley
Full name George Patrick Dickinson Wrexley
Sex Male Male
Born March 7, 1969, Seal of Sofasi Sofasi, Seal of Clymene Clymene
Spouse Ann Wrexley (née Jouston)
Children Philip, Rose
Parents Joseph Wrexley
Genevieve Farbeit
Home Cettatie
Functions Politician, Minister of Energy and Resources, Journalist, CEO of Wrexley Media Company and founder of The Bredish Times
Party affiliation Independent
Languages English, Dutch, Bredish, Irish Gaelic
Roman Catholic

George Wrexley (Irish: Seóirse Ó bhFreslio; born on March 7, 1969 in Sofasi) is a Lovian politician, and journalist, known for founding The Bredish Times, a bilingual journal, along with his wife Ann Wrexley.


Born George Patrick Dickinson Wrexley in Sofasi, he came from an Irish family which left Cork and immigrated to Lovia in 1902.

In 1996, he married Ann Jouston, while in 1999, the couple gave life to Philip, while a year later, they gave life to Rose.

In 2015, along with his wife and children, he moved to Cettatie.


George has blond hair and blue eyes, he's tall 5'11'' (180 cm) and 172 pounds (78 kg). He is teetotal.


George Wrexley's ancestors in three generations
George Wrexley Father:
Joseph Wrexley
Paternal Grandfather:
Sean Wrexley
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Martin Eoin Wrexley
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Fiona Cahill-Wrexley
Paternal Grandmother:
Catherina Malone-Wrexley
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Aaron Malone
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Agnes Higgins-Malone
Genevieve Farbeit-Wrexley
Maternal Grandfather:
Alois Farbeit
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Johann Farbeit
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Klara Stahlner-Farbeit
Maternal Grandmother:
Angela Glock-Farbeit
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Christian Glock
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Eva Fritzung-Glock
  • Grey: Irish people living in Lovia since 1902.
  • Green: Irish people not living in Lovia.
  • Cornsilk: German people living in Lovia.
  • Light Blue: German people not living in Lovia.