George Uzux Identity
Name George Uzux
Full name Yu Sung Bi Uzux (birth name)
George Frank Uzux
Born Febuary 3, 1980, Flag of China PRC (China)
Languages English

Clay pot made by Uzux' family

George Uzux (February 3, 1980) is a Lovian businessperson and advocate of Confucianism and Buddhism.

Biography Edit

Uzux was born to a peasant family who for generations made famous clay pots and advocated for Confucianism in China. Yu Sung Bi Uzux (now George Uzux) was born on February 3rd, as a son to Xing Yei Sun Uzux and his mother Yu-hung Dail Heuly. After ten years of travelling around advocating for Confucianism, he ran away from home. He came to Lovia in 1999 and worked at Veprom for four years. In 2006 he went bankrupt. While begging on the streets, Marcus Villanova took him back to his house and gave him work at Villanova Inc. In 2008 he went back to China to find his parents and let them come to Lovia. Today George still advocates for his parents' views. He is currently working on his own company, Candles and Stuff. He is a member of the Sofasi Zen Buddhist Temple.

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