George Michálek
George Michálek
Personal information
Full name George Michálek
Born 24 May 1965
Hurbanova, Lovia
Height 1.71m
Club information
Years active 1984-1997
Position Forward
Club history
FK Galactic Hurbanova 1984-1986
FC Drenthe 1986-1991
St. Marks Koningstad 1991-1996
FK Galactic Hurbanova 1996-1997

George Michálek (born 1965, Hurbanova) is a Lovian former footballer. He is often considered to be the best Lovian footballer ever, due to his successes in Brunant.

Biography Edit

He was born in Hurbanova, Oceana to a working-class family. Michálek started his career with local outfit FK Galactic Hurbanova in 1984 before signing for FC Drenthe in 1986.

Drenthe Edit

His first season with Drenthe was full of ups and downs; he scored a few excellent goals in the 1. Liga but was constantly failing to score on most opportunities. His next season proved to be his breakthrough. He scored 19 goals in 26 appearances for the club, and he would be awarded the award for the highest league scorer by Total Football.

St. Marks Edit

After a few excellent seasons Michálek was sold to rivals St. Marks Koningstad in 1991, win what was then a wikination transfer record of 5,835,900 thalers (about £1,770,000). In the following seasons he saw a rise in form and in 1993-94 he was the league's top scorer with a personal and league best of 37 goals. In 1995 his contract with St. Marks was renewed for another season, but in 1996 the club did not renew it.

Later career and coachingEdit

Michálek returned to hometown club Galactic Hurbanova on a free transfer and played with them until they folded in 1997.

In 2000 Michálek was hired as St. Marks coach, signing a 3-year contract. In his first season as coach, he won the league ahead of Mediterranean FC. He also won the Johan II Cup after St. Marks defeated FC Drenthe 3-1 in the final. In 2001-02 he was unable to replicate his successes of the previous season, but for the next one he won the cup again and came in second in the league. His contract was renewed again, but Michálek resigned in 2004 after a disappointing season.

Personal life Edit

Michálek was married in 1991 and had a son, Adam, in 1992 who is also a footballer, for FC Caltrava.

Honors Edit

As player Edit

  • 1st league champion: 1987-88, 1988-89, 1990-91 (FC Drenthe)
  • 1st league champion, 1994-95 (SMK)
  • Brunant Supercup champion, 1995 (SMK)

As coach Edit

  • 1st league champion, 2000-01 (SMK)
  • 1st league runners-up, 2002-03 (SMK)
  • Johan II Cup winners: 2001, 2003 (SMK)

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