George Eisenhower Identity
Name George Eisenhower
Full name George Herbert Eisenhower
Sex Male Male
Born July 2th, 1839, United States of America, Minneapolis
Deceased March 13rd, 1940, Flag of Lovia Small Noble City
Spouse Mariette Loud
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Founding Father
Languages Dutch, English, and German
Christian (Lutheran)

George Herbert Eisenhower was an American-born soldier, adventurer and farmer and a Lovian Founding Father.

Biography Edit

George was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota to German farmers on July 8th, 1839. George's family had been one of the first to reach the western frontier and had a high reputation in the Midwest. In 1849 the Eisenhowers moved to California (his father had the lust for gold). During the Civil War, George joined the US Army. He fought in the U.S. Civil war until 1864. In an attempt to settle his life, he went to San Francisco where he began planning adventurous travels and hoped to go to the orient. In 1872, he went with Arthur Noble on the Francis II to the Lovia Archipelago. He stayed in Lovia for the rest of his life. By then, his nickname was Little George, due to his diminutive height (5'3" or 1.6m). He was involved in the construction of some infrastructure in Lovia, and also developed the educational system. In 1861, he married Mariette Loud, a Dutch seamstress. They had a daughter, Mariette Eisenhower (1862-1957), in 1862. In 1880, he brought his family to Lovia, and had a son, Nicholas. After 1915, Eisenhower retreated from public life and spent his days on his fields - he had become a wealthy farmer - or in his garden. A good friend of Sir John Lashawn, Eisenhower would often visit Lashawn farm on Asian Island. George died at the impressive age of 100 years, making him the last of the founding fathers to die.

Descendants Edit

Eisenhower was the grandfather of Silvia Coningham, through his daughter. Both of them lived to nearly 100 years of age. He is the grandfather of Justin Abrahams' great-great grandmother. He is known for the Eisenhower trait: his female descendants have lived to very old ages.

Quotes Edit

"I love life but Lovia is better than life"

-- George Eisenhower

"If George was any less short his parents wouldn't have even noticed him... George is a great man and loves life and everyone."

-- King Arthur I of Lovia

"A man is as tall as his heart"

-- Lars Washington