Geek Girls is a Lovian rock band formed in 2013 by five Noble City Academy of Music and Dramatic Art students and a student from Szóhad High School, based in Hurbanova.

The band temporarily moved to Xiandu during the Burenian invasion of Lovia.

Their music is classified as geek rock, but is mostly comprised of new wave, punk rock, alternative rock, and Italo-Disco influences.

Despite being called Geek Girls, it has two male members.

Members Edit

Band member Instrument(s) Notes
AbarraneLewinsky Abarrane Lewinsky (b.1980) Regular: lead vocals, electric guitar
Occasional: bass organ
Costume ashitare1 Michael Stravinsky (b.1991) Regular: electric bass guitar, backing vocals
Occasional: electric mandolin, guitar synthesizer
Selena Stravinsky's youngest son
RickyMichaels Ricky Michaels (b.1982) Regular: rhythm guitar
Occasional: drum machines, smoke detector
Only member of the band who does not wear a costume.
AprilSamuels1 April Samuels (b.1981) Regular: acoustic drums
AmySchultz Amy Schultz (b.1979) Regular: synthesizers
Occasional: keytar

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

Droppin' Out for the Lulz Edit

Droppin' Out for the Lulz is their first Geek Girls album. In Lovia it is distributed by Lovilago Music, while it was published by Island Records in the rest of the world.

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