Fuzion Restaurant is an Asian-fusion restaurant located in 1 Mandarin Park Lane, MV, Noble City. It is owned by Chef Andrew Glücksburg-Ramsley.

The food served is mostly Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai fusion. The specialties include Pad Thai, Beef Vermicelli, Sushi and General Tso's chicken.

Reviews Edit

Great food, very tasty. As the only Asian restaurant in Lovia, it surprisingly lives up to the very high standard necessary. One of Mandarin Village's best eateries. 3.5 stars-Guide Cinq Etoiles

Fuzion is a great restraunt serving amazing eastern asian food. It is much better than it's closest rival Fanting, as fanting terribly replicates bad asian food and all of fanting's food is overcooked. However this wonderful restraunt, Fuzion makes sure all of it's food is cooked correctly and all of it's food is great proper asian food. If you are looking to go to an asian restraunt on a night, choose Fuzion over Fanting if you want to enjoy yourself. You may now be wondering why I have only given it 3 stars because after all the amazing things I have said, this is because asian restraunts are not restraunts you would want to go to every single night in lovia due to american-styled culture. (3 stars) - LoviaReviews

Awards Edit

Blue-dot Blue Dot Award, 2009

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