Friedrich Steiner Identity
Germans KSK with G-36K - 2
Name Friedrich Steiner
Full name Friedrich Alexander Steiner
Sex Male Male
Born 1967, Flag of Germany Berlin, East Germany
Functions Waiter for Tea Palace
Languages English, Arabic, German
Roman Catholic

Friedrich Steiner is a German born-Brunanter immigrant who is currently working to gain his Lovian citizenship. He is a former German Military Captain. Steiner was a high-ranking member of the Brigade. He was involved in the Galahad v. The Brigade Trial but instead of appearing in Court, he choose to flee to Brunant where he resides to this day.

Life Edit


Friedrich Steiner was born in East Germany on the Soviet controlled side of Berlin, were he and his family lived. He enjoyed a good childhood, but sadly this would end in a horrific car crash leaving him with out a mother. He leaves Berlin to live with his strict father, a Brunanter, in Potsdam. Steiner joins the local swim team and the school chess club, and finishes school would excellent grades. At the age of 18, Steiner joins the People's National Army, which he was stationed as a Berlin Wall guard. Over his entire time in this position he does not shoot a single person. He is trained with rifles and learns English, Arabic. He reaches the rank of Captain until the fall of the Berlin Wall. Steiner joins the German Navy after the fall of East Germany. He was deployed with some of the 200 troops from German which would go help in the Gulf War, where he was put into the 101st Airborne Division for his ability to speak both English and Arabic. In this time, no one in the 101st Airborne Division is killed and the group captures a major chunk of enemy troops.

Lovia Edit

After the war, Steiner was sent back home with the wrong division, and was heading back to the United States west coast. At this time the ship had made a stop in the city of Noble City, the ship was allowed to dock off, he was able to take a tour of the Capital in the one day he had, and he had swim at the beach. Once getting back to America, he was sent home to Berlin. He packed up his small belongings and some of his fathers money, and the money he had gained from the wars and took a plane too Noble City. With being pulled into the trial over the Brigade, Steiner has retreated to a remote area on Peace Island.

Politics Edit

Steiner fully supports for a military or a Militia, before coming to Lovia Steiner was a supporter of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. He has currently joined no party at the moment, but has joked about joining the 'Rent Is Too Damn High Party' saying "die Miete ist zu verdammt hoch". Steiner has taken part in debates of the CCPL party and politician Ygo August Donia admires his opinion and sees him as a possible new member. He is a high-profile member of the Brigade.