French cultural expressions and people in Lovia are mostly concentrated in Kings and Sylvania. In Kings, many French people are situated between the German northeast, the English northwest, and the Dutch south. In Sylvania, the Stephen Headland in western Sylvania contains many French. Most French within Lovia are descended from immigrants who came and settled in Lovia in the original waves of immigration, though there is also significant recent immigration. Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion among French, although irreligion is also common. Approximately 5,8% of Sylvania residents and 7,6% of Kings residents are at least one half French.

Language Edit

The French language is a common first language among Kings (10%) and Sylvania (12%) residents, with more native French speakers than French people, as many French-speakers also originate from Belgium or other nations. French is a common second or third language among all Lovians. It is typically spoken at home.

Food Edit

French food is served at various locations in large settlements, especially in Noble City and Newhaven. Non-French also enjoy French food at restaurants.

Names Edit

The given names "Henri" and "Pierre" are common among men while "Marie" and "Julie" are common among women. French surnames are variable but typically short and often named after a French city.

Famous Lovian people of French ancestry Edit

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