The Livonian Apartments


The Koningstad Hotel, the oldest hotel in Noble City.

Freedom Avenue is an east-west avenue in central Noble City, Sylvania. It begins in the neighborhood of Artista, and ends in the neighborhood of Bayside. Several important cultural buildings, such as the Koningstad Hotel and the Artista Community House, are located on the avenue. The avenue is located north of Technology Avenue and south of Democracy Avenue. The avenue is most famous for its Art nouveau style of architecture.

Route description Edit

The route from Artista through Bayside:

  1. The road begins with a cul-de-sac, and runs eastward, with the Artista Railway Station located on the left and the Sand Garden on the right.
  2. At the crossing of Poetry Street, the Artista Community House is located behind and on left side and the Fountain Love on front left side. This part is sometimes known as Sycamore Drive.
  3. Before the crossing of Culture Street, the Halley Tower is seen on the right side as well as residences on both sides. Across Culture Street, Mithrăndir’s is seen on the left side.
  4. After crossing Language Street, to get into Downtown, the Tower Mall is seen on the left while the New York Building is on the right. The Grey Lounge on the left and House Geraldine are visible shortly afterward.
  5. After crossing Science Street, the back side of the Capitol appears to the left. The Federal Police Headquarters and Aventis National Bank appear to the right.
  6. Once Law Street has been crossed, several government buildings are seen on the right (including the headquarters of the Department of Welfare), while the Koningstad Hotel appears to the left.
  7. Once into Bayside after crossing History Street, the avenue goes by several residences and shops. The Grand Bayside Bowl can be seen on the left after crossing Music Street.
  8. After passing some other residences and shops, more shops and the famous Bayside group of apartments can be seen, before crossing Ocean Avenue and ending at the Noble Beach.

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