Free Society is an organisation/company ran by the Green Party. It runs community/youth centers across Lovia (centred at Sylvania); Free Society centers also often double as Green Party meeting places and offices. Its director is GP member Levi Straszev.

The program was started in late September 2012 with centers in Noble City (3, Bayside, Mandarin Village, New Town), Train Village, Clave Rock, Charleston, East Hills and Adoha. In November 2012, new centers were opened in Sofasi (Milerose) and Newhaven (East River), since these major cities (with GP adherents) had not yet been "covered".

Its head offices are located in the City Apartments, Bayside, Noble City, above the Bayside center. Levi Straszev, the director, also lives in this building.

Under the leadership of GP founder and former leader Nicholas Sheraldin, the organisation's members manage and support the Bay Hawks. Azzuri FC is also supported by many members because of it being owned by associate GP member Harry Notioli.

Free Society is a major sponsor/associate of Lovia YoungChess, an organization dedicated to promoting and teaching chess amongst the youth of Lovia.

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