Frances Herrmann Identity
Frances Herrmann
Name Frances Herrmann
Sex Female Female
Born October 31, 1983, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Home Seal of Newhaven Newhaven
Functions Interior designer
Languages Flag of Lovia Small English

Frances Herrmann (Noble City, 1983) is a Lovian interior designer and a member of the Graham Family of Lovia. In 2011 she got elected as a MOTC for the Progressive Conservative Party.

Early life and education Edit

Frances Herrmann was born October 31st 1983 in Noble City. Her mother Ashley Graham and her father Nick Herrmann had lost their second child Frank the year before and were very pleased with the birth of Frances.

She and her sister Ethel were raised in Long Road, Noble City. They received a very complete education. Frances proved a very intelligent pupil with a liking for mathematics and art. A daughter to Nick Ashley, who run the well-known Graham's Carpentry business, she grew up in a fertile environment for both the arts and skillful woodworking.

In 2001, Frances began studying architecture and interior design at Nobel University. She graduated cum laude in 2006.

Interior design Edit

Frances Herrmann currently operates her interior design business in Newhaven. She is one of the most wanted interior designers in Lovia, specializing in Victorian and Edwardian-style decoration.

Personal life Edit

Frances has had a serious relationship with Tony Sierau from 2002 to 2005. Two months after they split up, Sierau committed suicide. Frances felt "devastated", family reported.

It is only in 2008 that she engaged again in a romantic relationship. Currently, she is dating Cooper Norris, a cousin to Alexandra Norris.

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