Welcome to the forum index. Here are all the forums of Wikination.

Forum Language Location Subject(s)
The Pub English several places General
Wikination English None Maintenance
First Chamber English Downtown NC Proposing and debating
Second Chamber English Downtown NC Voting proposals (only for Members of the Congress)
Election Debates English Downtown NC Debates between upcoming candidates in elections (moderated)
Federal Elections English Downtown NC Election of Members of the Congress and Ministers
General Contractors English Artista NC Requesting map tips, assistance and/or builders
International Rugby Games Any Mostly Newhaven Stadium International Rugby Games
LSCA MSL Congress English 4 Airplane Avenue, Hightech Valley Debates on the schedule, expansion, draft, financial matters and other LSCA MSL related issues
Political Coalitions English several places Talk about political coalitions and partnerships
Stadium English several places Sports and soccer matches
State Elections English several places Election of Governors
Speakers' Corner English The Mall NC Public speaking
The Bar Counter English several places (The Pub) Finding character relationships
The Board English Artista NC More intellectual discussions than The Pub

What can a forum be about?

Everything, for example:

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