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The First Chamber is not one of two chambers in a bicameral system. It is Lovian Congress' room for proposing and debating bills, which then go to the Second Chamber for a vote.

National Archives of the Congressional debates and votes:
1. First series
2. Second series
3. Third series
4. Fourth series
5. Fifth series
6. Sixth series
7. Seventh series
8. Eighth series
9. Ninth series
10. Tenth series
11. Eleventh series
12. Twelfth series
13. Thirteenth series
14. Fourteenth series
15. Fifteenth series
16. Sixteenth series
17. Seventeenth series

In Lovia, Congress is the national legislative body and the most powerful branch of government. The First Chamber is one of the two chambers of Congress, in which the Members of the Congress propose bills and debate them. The Second Chamber is where they are eventually voted. Despite the two-chamber system, Lovia does not have a bicameral parliament: there is only one group of MOTCs that both debates and votes the proposals. For the current composition of Congress, see this.

As prescribed by Article 6 of the Constitution, all Lovian citizens "may write and propose motions to the Federal Law", that "are presented to the Members of the Congress in the First Chamber." The MOTCs' duty is to "read the motion and form a personal opinion about it. In order to obtain the support of a majority of Members of the Congress, changes may be proposed in the First Chamber." If a majority is likely to be found, the proposer will move the bill to the Second Chamber for a vote. If they do not move it within a month, the Speaker can require that it is moved within two days or withdrawn.

The First Chamber is not a popular assembly where all citizens can express their personal interests. Polling the population ought to happen outside of Congress.

Current Business:

Regarding Congresspersons' inactivity Edit

I believe we have made a major, daring step with Kunarian's reform. To a point, the party lists prevent long-term inactivity due to seats going away from an inactive user to other users on the same party list. The major downside of the medal is the fact that it has been shown that we are not all too eager to run for a party list. The bonus seats have proven to be not as much insentive for people to join in. It is not my will to increase people's will to create party lists, it is my will to prevent Congress from getting inactive due to a select few number of people leaving this site. Therefore I propose to expand our regulations.

I propose a system which:

  • Retains the party lists and bonus seats
  • Adds a new feature called combined lists, these are basically a bond between two (or more) political parties. Such a combined list is to be treated as separate party lists during an election, but in Congress, they are treated as one party. It might sound vague, so I give you guys an example in which the difference between party lists and combined lists becomes more clear:
    • Party lists: User:A and User:B run together under the single party list of PLP. They receive a large portion of votes and as such as entitled to bonus seats. When User:B becomes inactive, his seats are allocated to User:A.
    • Combined lists: User:C runs for CLA; User:D runs for BPCL. They can vote for each other, but separately, their parties are too small for bonus seats; their votes are treated as two separate lists. However, in Congress User:D becomes inactive. To prevent his votes becoming useless, he has made a combined list with CLA. Basically it means that when User:D becomes inactive, his Congresspeople go to User:C, even though he belongs to a different political party.
  • This system would also work in case of temporary inactivity.

Bart K (talk) 12:22, April 2, 2017 (UTC)

Comments Edit

:o TimeMaster (talkcontribs) 06:04, April 10, 2017 (UTC)

CNP+KNPO combine the lists? MyOwnBadSelf (talk) 06:35, April 10, 2017 (UTC)

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