Florentine Fortesque (December 11, 1918-March 29, 2012) was a Lovian actress, widely considered to be the most famous of all time.

Biography Edit

Born in Cherbourg, France, she moved to Lovia in 1940 following the Battle of France. She married Governor Peter Feinman of Kings in 1945. She started acting in Lovia in 1941, and did several films. She is best known for portraying Sheba in Sheba and Solomon (1947). While filming with her co-star Scott Tremoyne (Solomon), they fell in love and had an affair. It became public by 1947, but instead of blemishing her image, it ruined her husband's, and he stepped down as governor in 1948. She married Scott Tremoyne in 1948, but they divorced in 1956. She then married Lovian association football star David Masters in 1956 but she divorced him in 1961. She then married media magnate Marcus Woodrow, the owner of The National Post, in 1963. In 1971, she was one of the targets in a shooting attempt outside the Olympia Hotel and Theater. After her husband died in 1973, she did not marry again. From 1975 to her death in 2012, she lived in the King Arthur Apartments in Downtown Noble City. She had 2 daughters, Brigit Fortesque (with Feinman) and Vernaide Tremoyne (with Tremoyne).

Considered by many to be "the Most Beautiful Woman in Lovia", she still has a huge following and fan base. On March 29, 2012 Fortesque died in her home, at the age of 93. Fortesque was survived by her two daughters, three grandchildren and one great-grandson (the son of her granddaughter, actress Miranda Ares-Jackson).

Husbands Edit

Films Edit

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