Flint Hladovka Identity
Name Flint Hladovka
Full name Flint Paul Harry Hladovka
Sex Male Male
Born March 16, 1904, Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Deceased Seal of Noble City Noble City, January 29, 1974
Home Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Functions Governor of Oceana
Languages English, Oceana
Roman Catholic

Flint Hladovka (Hurbanova, 1904 - Noble City, 1974) was a former governor of Oceana from 1941 to 1943. He also was well-known for his poems. Most of them are written in Oceana, but he also wrote some English ones. He died in the hospital of Noble City because of lung cancer.

Example of his poetry Edit

Time forglaid

Prede u kupple o'rocks a sow un man
Hines vlasses eywer perfektane blond' an lan'
An hine score wer outku ploys un fran'

Ale ken a saen thy man ypnea so resentane
A skrwenneth for hine glays gun mane
Hea looketh up de see hine twar skorshane

A gang hemey an sayth "nabite plakatin"
For thine syrfes nis na kyto thar shollin
Thine stred that is that date tshar vadin

Ken hea saen me falstane i thie oaks
A saen hea resumeth oum a scueseth de tueks
An hea smailth an matrovatteth hines buek's

Time passes by

A few years ago I saw a man
His fair was perfecly black and long
And his face was without wrinkles and spots

But when I saw the man fairly recently
I was frightened to see his shine had gone dull
He was probably thinking about how his face used to looked

I walked towards him and said "do not cry"
For your appearance is not who you are
Your inner is the thing that matters

When he looked me straight in my eyes
I saw he understood what I was trying to say
And he smiled and stopped crying

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