Flatlands was a Lovian poetry book by Edward M. Roscoe and his first publication. Flatlands was published in 1943 and contained poems Roscoe had written from 1941 through 1943. Though the book sold well, he did not gain much fame with it. His poetry wouldn't be really appreciated until Edward M. Roscoe became famous with his short stories in the 1970s.

Content Edit


  1. Dear reader (1)
  2. Flatlands
  3. Tree in the ocean (1)
  4. Admundo
  5. Tree in the ocean (2)
  6. (untitled)
  7. Tree in the ocean (3)
  8. Delirium
  9. Alexander
  10. Hitler's parents
  11. Gay Twenties
  12. Watoockee
  13. Victorian Times
  14. (untitled)
  15. Esope
  16. Hundred times dying of laughter
  17. Seventeen
  18. Tipped love in the bath
  19. Jimmery
  20. Hills of England
  21. Walking through the sky
  22. I Agree
  23. I Disagree
  24. Notably in Love
  25. (untitled)
  26. Reginald
  27. (untitled)
  28. Dear reader (2)
  29. Leave!

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