First National Bank of Lovia
Name First National Bank of Lovia
Product Banking
Origin Lovia
Founded 1923
Owner(s) Fedecinc Group
Headquarters First National Building, Bayside
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The First National Bank of Lovia was a bank owned by Fedecinc Group. The bank was founded in 1923 and was independently owned until 1972. Federal Foods Inc. bought it that year, and that deal has helped both businesses. It is headquartered at the First National Building in Bayside. The Carte Diamant is the premier card issued by the bank.

In 2013 an L$80 million deal was agreed for the takeover of FNB by LBS Bank, following several years of difficulties. The bank was officially shut down in July 2013 and merged into LBS.

Bank branches Edit

Seal of Seven Seven:

Seal of Sylvania Sylvania:

Seal of Oceana Oceana:

Seal of Kings Kings:

Seal of Clymene Clymene:

Bank presidents Edit

There have been many bank presidents.

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