Fina Group
Name Fina Group
Product Beverages
Origin Lovia
Founded 2014 (1933)
Owner(s) Various
Headquarters Trading Quarter, Noble City

Fina Group is a multinational alcoholic beverage company headquartered in Noble City. Fina (formerly known as Federal Foods) was reorganized to solely focus on alcoholic beverages.

Federal Foods was founded in the 1930s by Albert Arthur Ramsley. The company has since grown and now owns many stores and restaurants throughout Lovia.They own companies involved in food retail,restaurants, foods import and other food growing. On Sept 7 2010, Federal Foods merged with Cinco Corp. to form Fedecinc Group. Their headquarters and main office are at 2 Kings Street, Trading Quarter, Noble City. Since 2012 the company have downsized significantly and in late 2014 were being reorganized as a drinks and beverage company.

Fina has expanded to include foreign comapnies as well. 

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