Filip Barišič Identity
Filip Barišič
Name Filip Barišič
Full name Filip Marko Barišič
Sex Male Male
Born 24 March 1954, Strivica, Juliana
Home Seal of East Hills East Hills
Functions Politician
Party affiliation United Left
Languages English, Slovene, Oceana
Roman Catholic
Member of the Congress
Term 2015 Congress

Filip Barišič is a Lovian-Julianan politician. He is a member of United Left. Apart from his political activities, Barišič is a writer living in East Hills.


1953 Peugeot 203 cabriolet

Filip's Peugeot

Barišič has been a member of UL since its very earliest beginning.

Barišič was born in Strivica, Juliana. He was a writer and playwright from the 1970s. His work was fairly popular, but by the late 1970s he began to be investigated by the Internal Police (NPI), due to clandestine writing being distributed which was critical of the communist regime. Due to the Soviets invading Juliana in 1976, Barišič decided to flee the country. He want on holiday to Koper (then Yugoslavia) and in the night swam from there to Trieste, in Italy. After one year in Italy, he decided to move to Lovia, where he had distant relatives. Since 1977 he lives in East Hills and continues to write. He only returned to Juliana in 1985, once the communist regime fell. He brought over an old Peugeot 203 from 1953 to Lovia from Italy.

He was elected to the 2015 Congress as a UL politician, his first time in congress.


Barišič has not married. During a trip to Latvia in 1975 he hooked up with a local girl in Cēsis, who gave birth to a daughter. His daughter visited him for the first time in 2002. He is generally considered to be LGBT, having been seen kissing a man.


  • Trije Bratje (Three Brothers, 1974)
  • Popotnik (A Traveler, 1977)
  • Crossing the Iron Curtain (non-fiction, 1979)
  • The House on Avenija Carlotta (1984)