Fight This War is the fourth studio album by Devilface, released on January 19, 1987. It has a harder-edged sound than the previous three albums, taking cues from hardcore punk and even heavy metal. Many of the songs criticise the government for not taking action, and use a slippery slope argument.

The album was also the first to have singles, of which the first single, Hammers to the Wall, released on January 3, 1988, reached the US Indie chart.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Computerised Warfare"   2:10
2. "This Is A Single"   2:24
3. "Free Love"   1:53
4. "Clouds Gather"   2:38
5. "Fight This War"   2:16
6. "A Discussion In Government"   2:37
7. "Unionism"   1:59
8. "Hammers to the Wall"   2:40
9. "Can't Campaign"   2:00
10. "No More Trends"   2:02
11. "Real Punk Rock"   1:52
12. "Farmer Song"   1:10
13. "Selling Out"   1:38
14. "Punk Medley"   5:06
Total length:

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