Album by Nothing The Black Celebration

Type EP
Released 2003
Recorded May, 2013
Genre dark ambient, ambient, chillwave, indietronica
Label Dynamic Noise
Producer This Could Be Anywhere
Previous album Go Ahead And Pray
Next album Antennas

Fever is an EP by Nothing The Black Celebration, released on the independent label Dynamic Noise. The album features dark ambient, ambient, chillwave and indietronica sounds, long before chillwave and indietronica were considered genres. The EP is seen as "proto-hipstertronica", because it is one of the first instances of the typical "indietronica" sounds found in the Pitchfork crop of bands that emerged during 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Fever is a musical departure from Nothing The Black Celebration's earlier work. It is less dark and more accessible. It also does away with the traditional metal riffs samples found on Go Ahead And Pray and Fear Of Bright Lights.

Fever is cited as one of the most influential EPs in the Lovian music scene. It served as an inspiration for countless artists, like Tapedeck Destroyer, Hyperkids Melody, Konikaami no Konikaami, Rain King, Crystal Math, Virtual Beach and Lorelei.

"At that time, we thought: "fuck metal, metal sucks." We did away with the tremolo-picking, angsty power chords and focused on what was left, basic rhythms and rounded, polished sounds. Small loops of Kraftwerk-like dub sounds and summery tunes. The times of playing in a band, destroying the amplifier and cranking out angsty screamo in disguise were over. We decided to focus on more serious music, that is, music that didn't pretend to be serious, but actually was serious. The druid robes remained however, they are just so motherfucking comfy [laughs]."
-Kevin Oldfield (Hatemachine) in Tone Factory

Track listing Edit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Fever"  Oldfield, Whitby 23:15
2. "An Introduction in the Movements of Mars"  Oldfield, Whitby 4:19
3. "Sleep"  Oldfield 6:30
4. "Fever (Instrumental Mix)"  Oldfield, Whitby 19:17
Total length: