Ferris Dyson

Ferris Dyson.

Ferris Peter Dyson-Whiteman (14 March, 1862 in Newhaven - 8 April, 1951 in Portland) was a Lovian politician and Governor of Kings with three consecutive terms from 1915 until 1921. Dyson was an independent politician.

Biography Edit

Ferris Dyson was born as Ferris Peter Dyson-Whiteman in Newhaven where his father, Colonel John Dyson, worked as a soldier and his mother, Marion Whiteman, worked as housewife. The Dyson Family was a rich family with five children: Marion (1857), Peter (1859), Ferris (1862), Adam (1863) and John (1865). His mother died in 1865 when she gave birth to John. Marion and Adam died before the age of eighteen and Peter moved to the United States of America where he died in New York City at the age of 41. John began doing criminal activities and died when a police agent shot him. Ferris followed his father. He joined the army but stopped in 1892. Ferris worked as bootblack at stations and participated the State Elections of 1913 as independent politician. He was not elected as Governor of Kings. The next elections, he won, and the following too. He was Governor from 1915 until 1921. Dyson stopped with participating the elections. Dyson died at 8 April in 1951. He married and lived in Newhaven until his death. He had four children: John (1910), Adam (1912), Peter (1914) and Marion (1916). Peter married Brunanter Christina Holten of the Holten family and moved to Koningstad, Brunant.

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