Seal of Ferguson Beach

Flag of Ferguson Beach

Name Ferguson Beach
Hexacode CL-AD-FB
Population 3,504
Language(s) English
Location Seal of Adoha Adoha, Truth Island
Nicknames Ferg Beach, "Fergy Beach"

Ferguson Beach Village is a western neighborhood of Adoha located in Truth Island. On the north side you can find the famous Ferguson Beach, the village's namesake.

History Edit


Houses in Ferguson Place

Ferguson Beach was originally a place where Lovians would have their holidaying homes. The first houses appeared in the 1950s. In the 1960's the first hotel was built, as well as a few stores. With the building of Adoha in the 2000s, Ferguson Beach became an unincorporated community within it. In 2011, it became an official neighborhood.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Ferguson Beach was frequented by celebrities such as Florentine Fortesque, Scott Tremoyne, Heather Tinley and Arthur Horst.

Most inhabitants were not originally from Clymene, with many coming from elsewhere in Lovia as well as Brunant and Europe.

Tourism Edit

Fish markt

the famous South Street Fish Market

Like its neighbor, Ferguson Beach's economy is based on tourism. Unlike downtown Adoha and its large and glitzy venues, Ferguson Beach is more like a traditional seaside resort, with a small-town charm, although flashy downtown is just a short drive away. A popular place is the South Street Fish Market, the oldest business in Ferg Beach. Another well-known attraction is the Drenthe Castle, an old Brunanter castle which served as a home to actor Arthur Horst.

Map Edit

Pacific Ocean
Ferguson Beach
3 Morning Drive
McDonald's Family Restaurant
*1 5 Morning Drive
South Street Fish Market
7 Morning Drive
South Street Hotel
9 Morning Drive
Veloz Oceanfront Resort & Spa
11 Morning Drive
South Street Marina
*2 Morning Drive Apartments
13 Morning Drive
Morning Office Apartments
15 Morning Drive
Morning Drive
Drenthe Castle
1 South Street
Morning Drive Building
4 Morning Drive
Justin Abrahams
6 Morning Drive
8 Morning Drive
Julian Carlidges
10 Morning Drive
Spade Poker
12 Morning Drive
Nicholas Sheraldin
14 Morning Drive
Ambroos House
1 Place Florentine
Ferguson Place Karen Durkheim
3 Place Florentine
Robert Rand
5 Place Florentine
Horst Park
7 Place Florentine
Place Florentine
Adoha Town Hall
2 South Street
Inter Bar
2 Place Florentine
Ferguson Place Loviamarket employees
8 Place Florentine
Ferguson Beach High School
10 Place Florentine
Adoha College
12 Place Florentine
Birkeland Primary School
3 South Street
4 Place Florentine
Studio HS
6 Place Florentine
King Sebastian Building
1 Old South Street
2 Old South Street

  • *1 South Street
  • *2 Old South Street

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