Ferguson Beach Football Club is a women's soccer team based in Ferguson Beach Village, Adoha, Lovia. The team was founded in 1992 and became one of the founding teams of the Women's Football Championship in 1993. They won the 1994 edition, their only trophy ever. Since 2011, the club has a scouting partnership with Libertan football team FC Olympia. Ferguson Beach's academy signed many young Libertans and vice versa. Since 2015, the team has a partnership with American team New York Magic as well.

Current squadEdit

Nat. Pos. Player
1 Flag of Lovia Small GK Amelia Kensington
2 United States DF Lorina Bolton
3 United States DF Candice Hoffer
4 Flag of Lovia Small DF Elly Pennington
5 Flag of Brazil FW Jéssica
6 Flag of Lovia Small MF Diane Kelly
7 Flag of Kazakhstan MF Viktoria Sviridova
8 Flag of Russia DF Liudmila Skiba
9 Flag of Lovia Small FW Jane Frost
10 Flag of Lovia Small MF Merritt Winters
11 Flag of Lovia Small MF Stephanie Clarkson
12 Libertas GK Naomi Verdonk
13 Libertas FW Alexia Nouri
14 Libertas FW Dorien Visser
15 Libertas DF Elisa Meijer

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