Federal election results 2010 Feb

Results of the Federal Elections, 2010

In Lovian politics, federal elections are:

Federal elections have been held in January of each year since 2003. In the January elections, the population elects a new Congress as well as a Prime Minister. Mid-term elections were introduced with the 2007 Constitution and were first held in May 2008.

Fifth Amendment Edit

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Since the Jon Johnson voting reform (the Fifth Amendment) was approved by Congress in July 2010, citizens cast three votes of a different value: a major vote worth three points, a minor vote worth two, and a support vote of one point.

Its exact impact on Lovian politics is still unsure. Analysts claim that third vote winners will benefit less from the Fifth Amendment system. Strong outsider figures on the other hand, who enjoy the support of an entire group of (often discontented) voters, who have little else candidates they endorse, are considered likely to benefit. Oos Wes Ilava (CCPL) was more than once mentioned as such a candidate. Political analysts, however, agree that Ilava's "strong outsider" position has been replaced by that of a major party leader. Major parties are not thought to either benefit or suffer from the system.

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