Fatima Ilyas Identity
Fatima Ilyas
Name Fatima Ilyas
Born May 2, 1976, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Home Seal of Sofasi Sofasi
Languages English

Fatima Ilyas (May 2, 1976) is a Lovian BBU university professor in sociology, an expert in religious comparative studies and gender studies, and a prominent atheist. She is connected to the Blackburn Royal Center for Religious Survey, where she conducts a survey on irreligious communities in Lovia, together with professors Brandon Culligan and Judy T. Pennington. In 2008 Fatima Ilyas was chairwoman of the Freethought Association, now known as the Lovian Freethought Academy, and she presided two of its major debates.

Personal life Edit

Fatima Ilyas was born into a mixed Canadian family. Her mother Sarah had Native American and French origins, whereas her father was born a muslim in Indonesia. Fatima has one elder brother, Thabit Ilyas.

Fatima is married to Andrew McGill, a meteorologist at High in the Sky Forecasting.

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