Fabian Duda Identity
Fabian Duda
Name Fabian Duda
Full name Fabian Cezary Duda
Sex Male Male
Born February 3, 1962, Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Spouse Christina Nibbs
Home Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Functions Pastor
Languages English, Oceana
Protestant (Methodist)

Fabian Cezary Duda is a Lovian priest of Polish descent. He is a member of the United Protestant Church and the pastor of the Hurbanova Parish. Duda is an old friend of Henry John Ludd, leader of the UPC.


According to Duda, his ancestors were among the first religion immigrants in Lovia, who came in Oceana in the 1880's. His parents, Kazimierz and Zofia, owned a local bakery. Duda has a younger brother, Jakub, who currently runs the shop.

As a priestEdit

Duda wasn't raised in a religious environment, but he frequently visited the church. He initially was a Roman Catholic, but he soon turned to Protestantism. During the '80s, he lived in Noble City, where he met and befriended Henry John Ludd. In 1987 he returned to Hurbanova and became a priest, as a member of the Lovian Methodist Association. In 2000 he became pastor of the parish.

Duda was one of the leading Methodist priests and he was instrumental in the formation of the UPC. Today, he enjoys general respect and is referred by Ludd, "as the most spiritual man of our Church".

Personal lifeEdit

Since 1983, Duda is married to Christina Nibbs. They have one daughter, Jolanta, who is a theatre actress. Fabian and Christina own two dogs, Adam and Pete. Fabian has been several times in Poland and Russia with his family.