FK Swat Lews


Full name Football Klub Hurbanovni Swat Lews
Date June 18, 2008-present
Nicknames FC Hurbanova
Club colors red, yellow
Sports soccer
Chairman Jamal Hustróva
Headquarters Hurbadome, Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova, Seal of Oceana Oceana
FK Swat Lews

The FK Swat Lews playing against Azzuri FC

FK Swat Lews or Football Klub Hurbanovni Swat Lews (English: Football Club Hurbanovan Holy Lions) is a football club in the town of Hurbanova. The club plays in the Hurbadome. Many famous players of Lovia originally played for this club. FC Swat Lews is a LSCA member and participates in the LSCA Major Soccer League.

History Edit

FK Swat Lews exists since 2008 when it was founded as FC Hurbanova by the Oceana businessman Jamal Hustróva. It played only one match in the LSCA Major Soccer League of 2008. FC Hurbanova lost the match against Bay Hawks after penalty shootouts.

In 2010, Alexandru Latin signed a deal with Jamal Hústrova. Latin took over the club partially and gave it the Oceana name Swat Lews. He hopes to attract local youth to the club, not only from Hurbanova but also from other places like East Hills, the home of Lovia's oldest football club Sheckin Lads.

In April 2010, as a reaction to the inactivity of the national sports competitions, Alexandru Latin declared that he wished to play the Oceana Derby between Swat Lews and Sheckin Lads for several times this year, with the hope for an Oceana competition in the near future.

Owners Edit

Players Edit

Number First name Last name Position
1 Barry Berehovce Keeper
2 Hen Shadenki Front
3 John Hustróva Front
4 Mechelert Ilava Front
5 Marc Hladovka Center
6 Harry Žnalic Center
7 Carl Eastfield Back
8 Joe Žalinic Back
9 Joseph Smith-Shadenki Back
10 George McDeame Center
11 Henk Langbroek Center
12 William Sošlen Back
13 Michál Robevý Center
14 Ton Likewise Front
15 Mick Postwritter Keeper
16 John Kirchmann Keeper
17 Ron Šladiň Center
18 Ben Dumar Back
19 Keith Hladovka Front
20 Richard Tiranim Front
21 Bob Smoleniče Front
22 Thomas Hladovka Center

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