FC Magnus Réal Sportas


Full name VV Tinge-di-Magnus Réal Sportas
Date 2004-present
Nicknames VV Tinge-di-Magnus Réal Sportas,VV Magnus Réal Sportas
Club colors the Rainbow
Chairman I. G. La Blaca
Headquarters Emerald Higland (Lovia) Newport (Libertas)

FC Magnus Réal Sportas (Or VV Tinge-di-Magnus Réal Sportas,VV Magnus Réal Sportas) is a football club from Libertas. The club was founded in August Magnus Donia's Libertas hometown of Newport, upon request. The team played in the LLC Smart league in Libertas until Magnus and Sports Comissioner Marcus Villanova opened a Lovian version of the team. After Ygo August Donia was put in prision following the Galahad v. The Brigade Trial I. G. La Blaca took over as chairman of the club in May 2011.

Current Roster Edit

Starters Edit

  1. Bernard Hovenberg - Keeper
  2. Loek Dervasen - Defender
  3. Klaas Carrell - Defender
  4. Stue Berghuis - Defender
  5. Jim Demo - Defender
  6. Jan Olijks - Midfielder
  7. Ren Berten - Midfielder
  8. Ali Poelstra - Midfielder
  9. Faitih Lliberal - Foward
  10. Herman Shaka - Foward
  11. Danny Seel - Foward

Reserves Edit

  • Anne van der Bruggen - Keeper
  • Sammy Vloep - Foward
  • Carlos Shante - Midfielder
  • Benny Lollig - Defender
  • Samir Gerbrandts - Defender
  • Geert Kluisman - Foward
  • Dirk Boco - Foward
  • Fred Temminga - Foward
  • Jim Demo - Defender
  • Dani Manilli - Foward
  • Pietro Bellisimo - Foward

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