FCF Caltrava
Full name Caltrava Women's Football Club
Date 1954 (as AC Noble City), 2008 (as FC Caltrava)
Nicknames Golden Arrows, flying females
Club colors red, gold
Sports soccer
Headquarters The Soccerfield, Trading Quarter, NC

Caltrava Women's Football Club is a top-level women's soccer team in Lovia. It is a partner team to FC Caltrava, based out of Trading Quarter, Noble City. The club plays in The Soccerfield.


FCF Caltrava was founded in 2003 as a part of AC Noble City, which had been taken over by the Ramsley Family in 2001. In 2008, it got the name of FCF Caltrava.

Current squadEdit

No. Country Position Name
1 Flag of Lovia Small GK Angel Ský
2 Greece DF Maria Kostas
4 United States DF Caroline Wheeler
6 Flag of Lovia Small DF Sylvia Burnam
7 Flag of Lovia Small DF Elizabeth Koch
8 800px-Flag of England svg MF Charlotte Ramsley
11 United States F Anne Franklin
12 Flag of Brunant F Wilma Vandreck
99 Flag of Lovia Small F Carly Spencer

Famous former playersEdit