The Evans family is a prominent Lovian family, renowned for its wealth, prestige, and extensive commitment to philanthropy and public service. The family was founded by William Henry Evans, a young American man who came to Lovia in 1876.

Family History Edit

First Generation Edit

The family patriarch was William Henry Evans (1854 ~ 1928), a notable Lovian industrialist and entrepreneur. He married Julia Wagner Evans (1864 ~ 1937) in 1890. He settled down in Bayside, Noble City, where he founded the Evans Corporation and served as its chairman and chief executive officer until his death in 1919. His business ventures played a pivotal role in the early Lovian economic development and industrialization.

Second Generation Edit

They had one son, Edward Wagner Evans (1894 ~ 1976), who was a famed Lovian general and athlete. He married Hélène Martin Evans (1901 ~ 1982) in 1922. His leadership, passion, and long years of military service (almost 40 years) helped to dramatically increased the overall quality of the Lovian army. He was also one of the first Lovians to complete in the Olympics.

Third Generation Edit

Louis Martin Evans (1923 ~ 2006), the only son of Edward and Hélène, was a respected Lovian diplomat and professor. He married Jane Clark Evans (1927 ~ 2003) in 1955. He is often thought as one of the most influential diplomats in history, who greatly contributed in not only maintaining good relationships with other major powers in the world but also securing Lovia's national interests during the uncertain periods of the Cold War.

Fourth Generation Edit

Louis Martin Evans had two sons. Their eldest son, Charles Clark Evans (1957 ~ ) is a prominent Lovian businessman and politician. He married Ashley Hynds Evans (1965 ~ ) in 1991. Following the death of his father in 2006, he became the new head of family and succeeded his father as the new owner of the Evans Corporation. Their second son, Martin David Evans (1959~ ) is also a prominent businessman. He married Silvie Tilly (1963~ ) in 1988. He works now for Federal Foods Inc.

Fifth Generation Edit

Charles and Ashley have a daughter, Christina Kay Evans (1992 ~ ), who is an actress and a university student.

David and Silvie have a son, Oliver Evans (1989~ ) and a daughter Sophie Evans (1993~ ).

Family Residence Edit

The Evans Compound in Bayside has served as the official residence for the family over the generations.

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