Eugène Vezry et Cie. is a Lovian coach builder and design house.

History Edit

Royal coach

Eugène Vezry et Cie. was founded by Eugène Vezry in 1886. He made coaches and carriages, even some for the Royal family. In 1901, his son, Francois took over upon his father's death. In 1911, he built a race car, which was Lovia's fastest car (top speed:from 101 MPH) until the Atlantis 220 of 1952. In the 1910s, he began to build coach-built bodies for Towne Motors. In the early 80's Vezry rebodied several Atlantis 360's with more traditional styling.

In-house produced cars Edit

  • 1911 Vezry Racecar
  • 1940-1946 Vezry Coupe
  • 1959-61 Vezry Coupe

Coachbuilt/Designed cars Edit

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