Ernst Villanova Identity
Name Ernst Villanova
Sex Male Male
Born Febuary 15, 1920, Hanover, Germany Flag of Germany

Ernst Villanova is the grandfather to politican Marcus Villanova and father to the late playwriter Frank Villanova. Ernst is a Rabbi and a Holocaust survivor.

Life in Germany Edit

Ernst was born in Hanover Germany to George Villanova and Else Hermann. The lived in a very nice neighboorhood and owned a shop that sold kosher meals. By 1930 his family moved to Munich. In 1937 the family was trying escape Hitler and the Nazis. The heard of a place called Lovia that was neutral in the war and did not proscute anyone for there belives. But in 1940 Ernst was moved to a ghetto in Berlin, a year later his mom grew very ill but did not die. In 1945 Ernst escaped the camp with his family and moved to Lovia.

Life in Lovia Edit

The Villanova family lived in Hurbanova for five years, until geroge and Else moved to Noble City but ernst stayed in Hurbanova. There he met Hedi Luca, a Lutheran from Germany during WWII who had to escape and later created a soccer team, and became an accomplished rabbi. In 1958 they got married and a year later Frank Villanova was born. In 1960 they had one more child Danny Villanova. In 1960 Ernst won the lottery and bought an apartment. Times were quite for him until his son Frank won the lottery and became a major stock holder in the company Villanova Inc. He was first elected to office after the Special Federal Elections, 2011 and was a member of the Socialist Progressive Party before joining the Labour Party. He was the oldest congressmen before Joshua Katz took office a year later. Ernst only served one term in Congress.