Ernst Brandt Identity
Ernst Brandt 2
Name Ernst Brandt
Full name Ernst Jakob Brandt
Sex Male Male
Born January 3, 1929,
Deseal Beaverwick,
Seal of Kings Kings
Deceased July 5, 1989,
Brandt Manor
Spouse Klara Fischer
Children Thomas Brandt

Russell Brandt

Parents Gottfried Brandt and TBD
Home Formerly Brandt Manor
Functions Owner/CEO of Brandt Fishing Corporation
Languages German, English
Ernst Brandt was a German-Lovian businessman and owner of Brandt Fishing Corporation, as well as the patriarch of the Brandt family for almost two decades.

Early LifeEdit

Ernst Brandt was born to Gottfried Brandt and his wife, TBD, on January 3, 1929 in the 

Ernst Brandt 1



Death and LegacyEdit

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