Erfÿra Zírq'onër Identity
Name Erfÿra Zírq'onër
Full name Erfÿra Iñxïks Zírq'onër
Sex Male Male
Born March 20, 1894, Sofasi
Deceased July 30, 1938, Núxaksánt'e
Functions Writer
Languages Burenian, English

Erfÿra Iñxïks Zírq'onër (Sofasi, March 20, 1894 - Núxaksánt'e, July 30, 1938) was a Burenian-Lovian writer. Some of his most famous works include The Boy in the Cave and his Burenian Bible translation.


Zírq'onër was born to a Burenian father and a Lovian mother in Sofasi on the twentieth of March 1894. As a child he and his parents used to travel through Lovia and Burenia. He went to school in Lovia but he studied literature at a university in Burenia.

After his study he moved back to Lovia and wrote his first books, and he translated his most popular books to Burenian and published them in Burenia. In 1908 he published his most popular book, The boy in the cave, which has been translated to several wikination languages.

In 1938, he had an accident on a road near Núxaksánt'e in Burenia. He died three days later.