Erasmus Hordeum Identity
Erasmus Hordeum
Name Erasmus Hordeum
Full name Erasmus Budde Hordeum
Sex Male Male
Born 25. february 1988, Odense, Denmark
Home 13 HAB Avenue Hightech Valley, Sofasi, Clymene (CL-SO-HV)
Languages English, Danish, German, Hungarian

Erasmus Hordeum (born February 25, 1988 in Denmark) is a Danish-Lovian artist, actor, political activist and CEO of Hordeum Books.

Biography Edit

Erasmus Hordeum was born 25 February 1988 in Odense, Denmark. His father was a publisher, writer and film producer Viggo Hordeum, and his mother is the Danish actress Vita Hordeum. The family moved to Lovia in 1989, where his father started his own printers and publishing company, Hordeum Books. Erasmus received his elementary education in Lovia, but was later sent to Denmark to complete high school. He completed high school in 2008 and moved the same year returned to Lovia. During his stay in Denmark he also started his interest in politics by becoming a member of the Danish radical liberal party's youth organization. Moreover, he discovered the joys of the Danish welfare state, and since he returned to Lovia, he has been a great supporter of the Danish model.

When Hordeum father died in 2009, he took over his father's company, and has since worked as the company's CEO. Erasmus also works as a writer and has recently published his first book, the children book The unmarried King.

Erasmus has played piano since he was 6th He has also always been a lover of art and paints and draws in his spare time.

Beliefs Edit

Issue Stance Quoted Reason
LGBT Rights YES ""
Gay Marriage YES "Gay mariage is a human right!"
Abortion YES "It is my believe that every woman has a right to rule over her own body"
Death Penalty NO "Everyone has the right to life also the criminals"
Torture Methods NO "Torture can make people lie to survive thats why people forced to speak by torture methods can never be reliable sources"
Equal Rights YES "We are all equal. No mater what you choose in life you can be sure that you'll always have the same rights as your neighboor"
Assisted Suicide Partial "It should be legal for doctors and nurses to assist dying people to end their lives in a respectful way."
Gun Rights NO "Only frightened people needs guns. Guns make the country unsecure"
Self Defense Rights Partial "You can offcourse defend yourself, but it's important that you remember that killing is a crime. There's no excuse for killing"
Freedom of Speech YES "You can only be heard if you speak"
Freedom of Expression YES "Even I enjoy a walk in a dress"
Freedom of Religion YES "You and only you decide what to believe and what not to believe"
Freedom of Press YES "A government supported press is never a good press"
Right To Protest/Assemble YES "Show your government that you're dissident with their work. I assure you that they'll listen"
Right To Privacy YES "We all have our privacy and its important that we defend it to the very end"

Published Books Edit