Eo is the main transportation company for the state of Seven. It is owned by the state authorities.

History Edit

The business was founded by Edgar Orrell, a Canadian entrepreneur, in 1993. It incorporated buses, ferries and a helicopter, and soon dominated the transport market in Seven.

However, due to the low population density of the of the state and therefore high cost of transport, as well as the fact many citizens own private vehicles, the profit margin was made very small, leading Orrell to hand over the company to the state government at a very low price in 2009. Among the conditions of the deal were that Orrell would retain a managerial role and salary, and the state government would help subsidise fare prices. According to Deputy Governor Semyon Breyev, this money will be paid for by a tax of private cars and boats in the islands.

The company has since been developed and now offers train services, following the building of the Nielsen Bridge.

The name has a double meaning; first, it is the initials of the founder, Edgar Orrell, secondly, it is the Latin word for 'I go'.

Services Edit

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